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Learning to play the guitar is something within everyone’s reach. Still, often there are many beginners who leave the company for the most diverse reasons: it may be for lack of time or because the fingers hurt, or because they don’t have enough money to afford lessons with a teacher.

However, if your passion for the guitar is stronger than practical matters, there are several ways to approach this instrument without having to pay for lessons.

Where To Start To Learn How To Play The Guitar

First of all, start with a little research: not everyone knows this, but on the internet, there are many sites that offer free instructions and lessons for learning to play the guitar. For example, on Youtube, there are many tutorials made by beginners or by intermediate-level guitarists, but also videos shot by professionals in the sector or by masters who have been teaching for many years that are truly designed and that offer many ideas and exercises complete with chords or tabs to do at home.

If you have already bought a guitar (to start with, choose a classical guitar or an acoustic guitar, because the electric guitar presents much more difficulties), start to become familiar with it and to learn the names and functions of the parts of which it is composed. Try to learn how various sounds are emitted, how they tune, and how tension works on the strings. Of course, these are details that are not really interesting, but they will be very helpful during your learning journey.

Learning To Play The Guitar: The Chords

Make sure you maintain the correct posture. It seems obvious, but learning the guitar also passes through the position: straight back, relaxed arms and legs positioned so that the instrument “slides” into the hollow of the womb are essential to avoid incurring deadly back pain. Also, check the coordination of the right hand and the left hand, especially the latter, since it is also the one that takes care of producing the chords.

Try exercising your motor memory as well. If you have already gone to a concert, you have surely noticed that guitarists do not look at the scores or at the neck of the instrument while they play. It seems like an impossible mission, but even in this case, with a little practice, you can achieve remarkable results: to do this, try playing the guitar while talking to a friend, or while looking at the computer screen. You don’t need to use your right hand or play a song.

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