How To Choose A Classical Guitar: The Right Tips For A Targeted Purchase

You will have heard that if you want to learn to play the guitar, the first step is to start from the classical guitar: in reality, since genres and styles have been born that create an extremely varied panorama in the musical field, these are no longer the rules. Despite this new musical landscape, the masters and great musicians will insist that you start your path with the classical guitar. Because? This instrument has nylon strings, which are particularly soft, and the elongated neck structure allows you to learn better.

The classical guitar is a must if you are particularly fond of genres such as flamenco or folk music: could you imagine the rhythmic sounds of these music made with a different guitar? To exclude! At this point, you will be wondering which is the best guitar to buy. Read on, and you will discover all the reviews and comments to choose your ideal product.

The Yamaha C40II Guitar: A Classical Guitar that’s Easy To Get Started With

This guitar is a guarantee of quality: the brand offers products recommended by many in the musical field. It is the right choice if you are looking for an advantageous quality/price ratio in the vast guitar market. Do you want to study the bossa nova and its seductive sounds? Are you interested in folkloric music such as flamenco or fado? Do you love classical music pieces made with the guitar? This is the right choice for you. It is made of spruce on the top, back, and sides; the fingerboard is in rosewood: overall, it is a light instrument and, therefore, easy to handle, especially if you are a beginner!

What are the advantages of this guitar? Being perfect for beginners, you won’t have to worry about the height of the strings or even the angle of the neck.

Harley Benton: An Amplified And Affordable Guitar

If your search was particularly focused on a product whose price is advantageous and at the same time you are looking for an amplified guitar, the Harley Benton with cutaway is worth considering. Aesthetically it is very pleasant: its glossy black color makes it trendy.

This guitar is built with quality materials so that, put together all its characteristics, it manages to produce an average good sound. You can adjust the volume and frequency, thus acting on the amplification, managing the controls, which are on the band. A carrying case is also included with the guitar, which is especially convenient when you need to carry it and protects against dust and dirt. In addition to the case, you will find a cable to connect the amplifier, which needs a battery, in case you want to use it. This is a perfect product if you are looking for something cheap, which gives you a good performance: obviously, everything is proportional, it will not have a professional performance, so you have to mediate between the two. There are no attachments for the shoulder strap, which you will need to stock separately. Let’s see together what the pros and cons of this product can be.

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